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The Bonobo Revolution was created back in October 2018, by Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker. Inspired by our distant genetic relatives, the female bonobos were nature’s answer to the #TimesUp Movement! But how? Their social structure was based on collectively preventing males from dominating. Can you say boss babes? Yup. BOOM. Mic drop.


After a year of having a small social presence online and one t-shirt design, this “Collective Sisterhood Movement’ was ready to take a stand and let the world know they were here! To get out there, they began sponsoring events and participating in social marches, such as San Diego’s 2020 Women’s March. However, they didn’t have the right tools to spread their unique and rebellious message of how powerful collective intelligence can be. Primarily when women are equally represented at the decision-making table.


By consuming myself in research, I was able to create a visual brand that captured the strong spirit of the female bonobo, while keeping the tone rebellious, cheeky, modern, and unique. The Bonobo Revolution needed marketing tools, so together we designed posters, flyers, and banners for the events they participated in. We also created a customized website where they could create a central hub for their growing community. Not only did this allow them to spread their message around the world, but now they had space where they could post their monthly podcasts, share articles, and sell branded apparel.

"I’ve been working with Jessica on our graphic designs and our website, and I have only the best things to say about her work. Jessica takes care to understand your mission and your goals. She truly knows her stuff, she’s a fantastic graphic designer, and she is a consummate professional. If you want to work with someone who will show genuine enthusiasm for your project, who is communicative, is always on time with deadlines, and who does A+ work, Jessica is your person!"

Krista Nordtrom, The Bonobo Revolution

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