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Since 2012, Majestic Pools and Spas has specialized in designing and constructing custom swimming pools for homeowners in San Diego.


It had been years since this award-winning company updated its website. So they needed more capabilities and online presence to show off the many beautiful projects they completed. But, unfortunately, the old site was on a legacy platform, had long load times, wasn’t mobile-friendly, had a complicated backend, and wasn’t scalable. 

After 10 years, it was time for Majestic Pools’ website to redefine itself and flex its muscles.


In partnership with Pybop, we created their brand-new website. I was primarily in charge of creating the new look and feel of the site and setting up the backend in Webflow. 

I first researched Majestic Pools’ competitors to see how they could stand out from the rest of the competition. Interestingly, many of the competitors had dark websites and lacked any personality. 

This new website redesign aimed to entice prospective customers who could see and feel themselves lounging in a majestic pool. So, therefore, I based a lot of the initial design elements on Majestic Pools’ logo and the company itself. I asked myself questions, such as: Where were they located? Who was their target audience? How did they want their customers to FEEL in their new pool?

I intentionally embraced their Southern California roots and used their existing colors as my foundation. I introduced new cool and warm neutral tones reminiscent of San Diego, brought in a bright orange to complement the turquoise they currently had, and added subtle textures similar to what you would find poolside.

The website needed to be minimalistic and clean so that its beautiful photography and storytelling could shine. And most of all, I wanted to ensure the design was scalable so Majestic Pools’ internal team could update the site regularly. 

By understanding who they were as a company, who their target audience was, and how they wanted their customers to feel, we created a unique website that showed off their process, beautiful work, and story.

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