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Sherpa Energy Squares had already been established for a couple of years and had great success at local farmer’s markets. But the founder, Tricia, wanted to go to the next level and start selling her products at local businesses and retail spaces. She also wanted to rebrand her company and create a brand that not only encompassed her vision as a pastry chef, but also promoted an active lifestyle, and made sustainable energy delicious!


By discovering and understanding the company’s values, personality, and future goals, I was able to create a brand identity, website, marketing material, and packaging Tricia was confident to show off to the world. Since she needed to present her products to a wide range of prospective customers, I also provided her with the appropriate tools to sell herself and go after the clients she really desired.

"We were thrilled with the results. Jess exceeded all  of our expectations with her responsiveness, research, focus, and drive. She truly has a unique talent that equipped us to reach our audience in refreshing ways."

Tricia Cariffe, Owner of Sherpa Energy Squares

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